Welcome To SaveWallets

Welcome To SaveWallets - Regular Saving and Intelligent Investing made easy, efficient and low/no cost.

Define your financial goals

  • See how much you need to save every month to reach your financial goals.
  • Link your bank accounts and debit and credit cards so that you can save and invest automatically.
  • Track your progress towards your goals.

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Save regularly – when you earn and when you spend

  • Save a % of your expenditures automatically.
  • Savewallets powers your savings to create value propositions for you to help you save more.
  • Set up regular debits from your salary account.

Save more through SaveWallets insights into your expenditure

  • Receive notifications so that you don’t overlook hidden charges and unwanted expenditure.
  • We alert you when your account balance is low so that you can avoid paying hefty overdraft fees.

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“SaveWallets” puts your savings to work while you focus on enjoying your everyday life

  • We do not charge you for saving and investing - you only pay for the cost of underlying funds
  • We invest your savings in the investment portfolio chosen by you depending on your risk profile.
  • These portfolios are crafted by experts and academicians to help you invest efficiently.
  • Use ISA allowances to be more tax efficient.

App Available on iOS

Saving just £3 a day, people can cover themselves against the cost of unexpected bills Investing in diversified portfolio vs a UK savings account would have led to 2X gains in the last 25 years
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  • Start with as little as £1
  • You only pay for the costs of the underlying funds and ETFs.
  • No additional transaction costs for rebalancing your portfolio.
  • We make your savings work hard for you by getting better value propositions to help you save more.
  • A diversified portfolio of ETFs lead to higher, steady returns over time.
  • Access your portfolio anytime, anywhere.
  • Support is just a click away for registered users and purchasers.
  • A diversified portfolio of ETFs lead to higher, steady returns over time.
  • We notify you when your balance is low.
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Regular saving made easy and hassle free

Small savings everyday add up over time to help you realise your dreams. Our insights into your expenditure patterns helps you plan better.

Investing simplified

Our experts select a certain set of funds that track indexes in equities and bonds to ensure a diversified, efficient, low cost portfolio for you.

Access your savings anytime, anywhere

Know how much you have saved and invested every month on the go. Your hard earned savings are always easily accessible.

We are obsessed with your Security (we need to sleep at night too!)

We use bank level security for your data. All your data has 256 bit encryption. We use 2 factor authentication for withdrawal of funds. We cannot access your funds – it’s securely held in your name. We will never share your data without your permission.

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