Checklist: Spending smart and saving on clothes

We’ve all dreamed of getting everything on Vouge or GQ magazine at some point… Haven’t we? Apart from being aspirational and glamorous, clothes are… necessary. And as such, part of your personal expenses. While it might sometimes seem like they are exceptional buys – and sometimes they really are – they need to be accounted for if we don’t want to have this “unexpected expense” mess up our budget.

On today’s #Checklist, we came up with a series of basic things to take into account when it comes to spending (and saving) on clothes. Care to join us…?

  • Forget the “I have nothing to wear!” toxic mantra

Organizing your closet regularly and surveying what you have can play wonders. Things at the very back or top of closets tend to be forgotten, and left outside your regular outfits. So before you start thinking of everything you need to buy, make sure you know what options you already have. Keeping things tidy and organized can also make it easier to take care of your clothes better, and being able to extend the “useful life” of your jumpers, jeans, jackets… Have a look at some tips on how to take care of your clothes, by The New York Times.

Plus… as you organize your closet, decide what things need to be tossed! After that, you can even sell them to make some extra cash. Check out the Best apps and sites to sell the stuff you don’t use or need anymore to get you started on that.

  • Consider generic basics

Most looks are based on some generic items – basic pieces of clothing that we tend to use a lot. When you are buying new things, make sure you invest on generic basics of an acceptable quality. No need of big flashy brands for these pieces. Save those extra quid for the really nice, special things.


SALES are a great time to buy, especially if you are able to think ahead. Plan for the following season. Buying off-season can help you make the best of your money, even if buying a wool jumper in the middle of a heat wave seems odd. Have a look at one of our past blog posts that will surely come in handy: 6 ways to make the best of the SALE season. Go online and check out online stores, BUT avoid going down the online rabbit hole… set yourself a time limit to avoid spending too much time on them!

  • Special occasion coming up? Start looking NOW!

As we have mentioned in several blog posts here, planning is key. If you already know you have a special occasion coming up, like a weeding or a mountain trip a couple of months ahead, start planning now. Look for the best prices out there. Look online and offline, and be sure to find out any upcoming sales or special prices. Thinking ahead always pays off!

  • Consider charity shops for those perfect finds

Be sure you include charity shops in your usual shopping circuit. They tend to have great items – some of which you will not find at regular stores, others you will find there but just doesn’t make sense spending so much on. Go there with an open mind, and save a lot of money, while helping some really cool organizations. Have a look at useful info on charity shops on a previous post on the Top 5 unusual (and affordable or free) things to do in London (hint: item #2).

  • Rely on accessories to make everything shine brighter

Keep all your accessories together, from scarves to necklaces, bracelets to rings, ties to socks, and more. Use them to enhance your looks, and make them a little different every time, without having to spend on new outfits with such frequency.

  • Add the “dry cleaner’s fee” to the price tag

When buying something new, consider whether that clothing item requires special dry cleaning. Keep in mind that, depending on the frequency a given item needs to be cleaned with, you are looking up to an considerable extra couple of quid. This can really add up…

  • Internalize Savewallets’ in-store “#spendsmart, #savesmart” etiquette

When you find yourself in the store, trying out things, pondering whether you should buy everything in your shop bag or not… Stop and think! First: have a really honest moment and decide whether you really need each item. Leave compulsion for a Netflix binge-watching session. There is a truly great feeling in tossing something right before going to the cashier, with the relief of not having bought something you didn’t really want. Second: do a quick online check! Is the item/s you picked by any chance subject to a special online exclusive offer, or for some reason cheaper on the Internet? It sure doesn’t hurt to check.

The above are just some items on our Checklist on how to #spendsmart in the clothing department. Do you have any other ideas to help others in the Savewallets community? Let us now in the comments section below!


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