Five easy ways to save money on your holiday

ways to save money on your holiday

Summer is here, and we are all looking forward to our vacations. So, we at Savewallets researched top ways to save some money while vacationing so that you can enjoy your vacation without spending too much.

Avoid high exchange rates and foreign transaction fees

ways to save money on your holidayUsing your credit card to withdraw local currency on vacations or swapping for local currency in the airport are terrible ways to spend your money. With the average family holiday costing £2,333 you can save as much as £320 on an average by avoiding swapping your pounds for the local currency at the airport.

Check for the current foreign exchange rate and then shop around for the best deal. Apps like WeSwap are convenient and far cheaper for travel money when compared to money exchange centres at airports or even your local bank. Some travel agents on high streets offer very competitive foreign exchange rates. So, do check with them for foreign currency before traveling.

Beware of high transaction fees when using debit cards and credit cards abroad. Some credit cards don’t charge any foreign transaction fees and are efficient to use on vacations. Here are some credit cards with zero foreign transaction fees for you to check out.

Save on vacation meals

ways to save money on your holidayBook a place with a kitchen or at least a refrigerator and a microwave to save on costs of eating out every time. Pre-packaged meals and fruits from local supermarkets are a good option to save money if you don’t have a kitchen in the hotel room or in the rental place you have booked. Also, don’t forget to buy your alcohol and snacks from the local market and have it in your room or on the beach instead of ordering expensive cocktails from hotel bars.

If you are dining out read up on the tipping etiquette of the country you are traveling to. Countries like France have service charges included in restaurant bills while tipping is not a part of Japanese culture. Knowing the tipping etiquette of countries, you are visiting can save you some money and help you in avoiding embarrassing situations.

Plan your local excursions in advance

Plan your local excursions in advanceBy planning your local tours ahead of your travel, you can often get some great offers and save some precious money. Check out websites like Viator and Peek to plan excursions and activities in advance and enjoy great discounts. Local sites often offer good deals on excursions.

See if the attractions you plan to visit offer a group discount or a multi-attraction pass if you book online in advance. Groupon and Living Social are also great sites to find discounts and deals for the destination you’ll be visiting.

 Cheap holiday car hire

Cheap holiday car hireThe savings can be huge when you book a car hire in advance. Check comparison websites like Skyscanner and Kayak and find the cheapest deal that meets your requirements. Airport car rentals are usually more expensive, so you are better off avoiding them in the first place.

Getting your excess insurance policy from a standalone provider can also save you several pounds. The flip side is that the car rental company may still require a large deposit on your credit card to cover for any potential damage. Plan for the deposit and other expected spending on your credit card from before so that you don’t exceed the credit limit. Also, never forget to read the T&Cs in a hurry to get to the beach you have been dreaming of!

Make a list of all that you need to carry

Make a list of all that you need to carry for your holidayPlan for all that you need to carry on your vacation in advance – sunscreens, hats, swimsuits, designer sunglasses, sandals, beach bags etc. and buy them on sale. If you are tech savvy use apps like Anylist and Reminder apps to create shopping lists. You can save money by availing yourself of great deals when the SALE sign is on. Check out our blog on how you can make the best of the SALE season.

Use your loyalty cards and rewards programs as much as you can to avail of special offers and points while shopping for all the items that you need on your holiday. Use a separate wallet to organize all your loyalty cards. Comparing prices online and in-store before buying expensive items never hurts too!

Equipped with our top money saving tips you are ready to embark on your journey and enjoy a much-needed vacation without breaking your bank. Bon, voyage!

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