#SwipeAway: 3 free apps to save money every day!

Saving money everyday using apps - Personal Finance

For this new edition of one of our favorite blog themes, #SwipeAway, saving goes digital. We found three cool apps to help you on your daily saving quest and get more out of every penny! Three great allies when it comes to #spendingsmart. Make room on your mobile memory, and start downloading these!


This is a great way to compare prices, learn the price history of items, product details, and more – everything you need to know before making a purchase! Forget about buying something only to find it cheaper online or elsewhere later. You can either use the search bar or scan the barcode with the app to get all the info you’ll need. Download it for free on iOS and Android.

O2 Priority Moments

If you love bargains and free treats – who doesn’t? – this will be your next absolute favorite app! It will let you know of new deals and discounts at high street stores. It also offers priority tickets for shows and seasonal items, and has regular prize draws. Good to know! Download it for free on iOS, Android and Windows.


We have mentioned this one on a #WeeklyLifeHack some time ago, but it is always worth remembering again! This app allows you to compare food prices, either online or in store. You can also create your own shopping list and let MySupermarket give you all the info: where can you get the best deal for what you want? It has info from Tesco, Waitrose, Boots, Poundland, ALDI, Lidl, and all the other major supermarkets! It also includes a barcode feature, which is amazing and so convenient. Pay only the best price, you deserve it! Download it for free on iOS or Android, or use it online.

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