Three Easy Ways to Save More Money in 2018

Young lady saving money

“Saving money is easy” said nobody ever. We at Savewallets are not only committed to making saving money easy for you in 2018 but efficient and hassle-free as well. Here are the top 3 saving tips to help you save more money and make your dreams a reality!

  1. Cancel unwanted subscriptions: We all have monthly subscriptions for numerous services from Netflix to Birchbox but ask yourself: how many of those do you need or use on a regular basis? Do you buy items every month that really makes you happier or your life more comfortable? Do you need a cable TV subscription along with Netflix and Amazon Prime when all three offer great entertainment options? How many times have you opted in for a free trial and forgot to cancel it when they started billing you every month? I guarantee you will find at least one service that you have subscribed to by mistake or that you don’t use much. Have a hard look at your bank statement to find those unnecessary subscriptions and cancel them straightaway.
  2. Get rid of old items: According to a survey the average household in the UK has £400 worth of unused stuff. Check your shelves for things that are old and that you don’t need anymore. From old books lying around to Christmas presents that you would never use you can sell them all to earn some extra money. Confused about where to sell your old items for the best price? Don’t worry….we have got you covered here. Now sell your old items quickly and say yes to more savings in 2018!
  3. Save every time you spend or earn automatically: Savewallets sets away a % of your expenditures or income automatically every time you spend or earn. So now when you go shopping Savewallets ensures that you can have fun and invest in your future at the same time effortlessly. Insights into your expenditure, income and saving patterns help you manage your finances better. Oh, and it’s also free (and comes with military grade security)! So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here today to get early access!

Found any of these tips useful? We would love to know….and hear from you about any other precious saving tips that you may have up your sleeves. Happy Saving!

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