Wedding on a budget: How to save money when planning for your dream wedding

Wedding on a budget - Savewallets

According to the Brides Magazine, the average cost of a wedding in the UK is around £30,000. Other sources say it’s closer to £27,000. These are big numbers indeed. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case. Your wedding should be everything you ever dreamed of, sure – but on a budget. Because at the same time, more than half of the Brits say they regret spending so much money on their wedding. So let’s not let this happen!

There a lot of things to take into consideration, sure: the venue, the reception, the cake, the honeymoon, the bride’s and groom’s outfits… At times, it can all seem like too much! We know. So, how do you budget and plan ahead for such a big event?

Slow down, take a deep breath, and have a look at the basic things you need to get you started.

1. The Budget – What kind of wedding are you going for?

It all starts with a vision, and a plan. First, define how much you want to spend: your budget. You can organize this as a weekly or monthly goal, whatever makes it easier for you. Then start setting that money aside! Consider opening a savings account, if you don’t have one, to manage the savings and costs of your wedding. Check on it regularly to make sure you are saving as you planned.

SaveWallets can help you achieve exactly this by saving a part of what you spend or earn automatically for you. Plus, you can invest part of it into intelligent, diversified portfolios and make those savings grow. Savewallets will even automatically alert you whenever you fall behind on saving for the big day!

2. The List: from the must-haves to the unnecessary expenses

Wedding on a budget - Savewallets


Start a special folder in an app like Paper by Fifty Three: it allows you to take notes or even draw, and later export your notes if you need to. This can be a great ally in times of hectic planning. Write down: what you definitely want, what you would love to have, what would be nice-haves, and what you don’t want. Come frequently to this list and make the changes you need. It is important to let the ideas sink and know when to rule out some of the items that made it to the list originally.

3. The Calendar – When are you going to buy what you need and from where?

Wedding on a budget - Savewallets

As always, starting your planning well ahead makes it easier to buy what you need when the times are right, like when there are Sales or special prices (check out: 6 ways to make the best of the SALE season). Websites like Joanne’s dress have beautiful wedding gowns starting from £40. Each season Berketex Bride has several Bridal Gowns available to purchase at a significant saving off the RRP. Have a serious look at Oxfam weddings – they can help you with everything from shoes and accessories to the dress and the groom’s outfit – at impressively low prices! Hirespace , Wedding Dates, and UK Hall Hire helps you find affordable wedding venues. With time on your side, costs become more manageable.

4. Be creative

Wedding on a budget - Savewallets

Make your wedding even more special by creating the wedding cards gifts, decorations and cake by yourselves or with the help of family and friends. Check out Pinterest for some amazing inspiration. Etsy has some invitation kits for less than £10 which you can find here.  Imagine Diy has some great supplies, tools and guides to help you be more creative. If you are good at baking, make your own wedding cake using these fabulous recipes from BBC Food. Invite your friends and family over the weekend to help you with your DIY wedding ideas. It is a wonderful way to bond, have some fun and save money!

5. A beautiful honeymoon

Wedding on a budget - Savewallets

No wedding planning is complete without planning for a breathtaking, romantic honeymoon. Start planning where you want to go, and when the best time for it is (have a look at this piece on the popular blog on where to go on each month of the year). How about an affordable honeymoon cruise or hotels with a private plunge pool for as low as £75 per night?? Get the best deals by buying early and making reservations ahead. Once there, use apps like to find exclusive discounts.

Extra: After your wedding, start saving for your next goal! Have a look at this Checklist: Treating your household like a business.

Ready to start planning one of the most beautiful days of your life? Cheers!!!

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